Formal Events

Attending a celebration, a special event, can be so tempting and yet feel so daunting to you or your loved one, because of the hassles of finding the right clothes, getting prepared, getting there and back!

Call on Clare can make it easy for you to attend an upcoming social event, prepare for it, look your best and feel relaxed.

We have qualified Internationally Registered Image Consultants who can take you shopping to find, buy and get alterations for the perfect outfit.

We can assist with getting ready on the day, including hair and makeup. You can feel organised and relaxed in safe and professional hands and look your best, stress free.

We can drive you there and back safely, on time and in comfort and provide assistance during the outing and at the special event. Our staff dress appropriately and ‘fit in’ - making you feel comfortable throughout until you’re ready to go home.

You get the benefit of better, smoother organisation and more opportunity to enjoy life fully.

Quite often when attending a formal event, you may need assistance to prepare, be driven there and have support at the event – then leave without disrupting the occasion. We enable you to do this.

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