Call on Clare is a private provider of in home care services Melbourne.

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Remain in the comfort and security of your own home with the support of one of our qualified carers or nurses.

We come to your home when it suits you and for as long as you need. This could be for as little as 3 hours or for 24 hour round-the-clock care. Enquire now on

03 9001 9762

Providing Exceptional In Home Care Melbourne

When you are looking for the very best provider of in home care services Melbourne, you can trust Call On Clare. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most appropriate care services and the highest of professional standards. Whether the care is for yourself or a loved one, our dedicated team will work with GPs, specialist doctors, hospitals, or other important services, to help our clients maintain their independence, while enjoying better socialisation and participation in the wider community. With our dedicated in home care Melbourne team, we employ nurses and carers who understand the importance of our clients maintaining their dignity and independence, and how it is intrinsic to the holistic health of a person. When you are ready to discuss our in home care services Melbourne, give our team a call today on (03) 9001 9762, and we will be happy to assist you anyway that we can.

Why Choose in Home Care Melbourne?

If you have a parent, relative, or friend who needs care, or maybe you are struggling a bit with looking after yourself, but you don’t want to leave the security of your home, in home care is a wonderful option. It is not uncommon for people to want to take care of those needs themselves, but the reality is often this just isn’t practical. This is why we believe in offering people the choice to receive care in their own homes, so they can feel more happy and comfortable. With our in home care Melbourne, our clients will always receive the one-on-one attention they deserve, and this often helps with recovery and generally feeling more independent.

Personal care, evening and morning routines Continence Specialists Assisting with hoisting and lifting Transport and accompaniment Maintaining Independence Companionship Respite Care Nursing Care Medication Management and assistance with administration Post-Op Care Case Management

One of our clients recently said:

‘You always get things done. I don’t see you for long, but I know I can rely on you.’

Although this lady has dementia, she knows we organise everything in her life – including in-home care.

If, for example: She’s unwell, we can reach her doctor. Her InSinkErator smells, we know how to fix it. She’s unhappy with her meals, we can sort it out. She doesn’t like a particular carer, we get a replacement. Care can range from a sole task to the comprehensive handling of complex lifestyle transitions and living arrangements.

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Our qualified carers or nurses can support you after surgery or an injury. You choose the level you need – from 3 to 24 hours care.