Longer Hospital Stays

Healthcare Transport for Hospital Patients

Call On Clare offers a wonderful service for longer hospital stays, aimed to make returning to your regular life at home as easy as possible.

From the daily items around the house that may otherwise go unattended, to getting you home from your hospital stay and helping you settle in, Call On Clare provide the best in care for those longer stays.


Call on Clare is adept at handling domestic matters during longer hospital stays. To reduce the worry of absence from home routines, we can:

  • Organise and monitor regular services (e.g. lawn mowing, window cleaning, security, pet boarding).
  • Suspend regular delivery services.
  • Collect and deliver mail.
  • Assist with paperwork.
  • Notify loved ones and keep them informed of progress.
  • Wash clothes.
  • Buy (or retrieve) needed items.


Returning from a long hospital stay can be very stressful, especially after a traumatic event like a car accident or fall.

We make coming home a pleasant, worry-free experience by ensuring clients are safe and comfortable with everything they need in place. For instance, we can:

  • Provide transport home from hospital or rehabilitation.
  • Unpack bags.
  • Put the washing on.
  • Ensure the fridge is clean and stocked with fresh, nutritious and appetising food.
  • Organise medication.
  • Arrange home services (e.g. meals, lawn mowing, laundry or even clerical support).

During the first few days and weeks at home, we can also:

  • Arrange follow-up visits and reviews.
  • Continue to help with transport to and from appointments.
  • Do grocery shopping.
  • Run errands.

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