Maintaining Independence

At Call on Clare, our goal is to deliver the best and most appropriate service to our clients. Whether it is working with GP's, specialist doctors, hospitals, or coordinating other services, Call on Clare staff are committed to ensuring the highest of professional standards.

Call on Clare provides services which allows a person to maintain their independence and enjoy better participation in the wider community.

Call on Clare employs nurses who understand that maintaining dignity and independence is intrinsic to the holistic health of the person. Medicare Locals provide a range of primary health care services in the community, however, there are times when accessing these services are beyond the physical or financial capabilities of clients.

Call on Clare staff can assist by providing the following services;

  • Act as a resource person and advocate for the client
  • Liaise with the persons Doctor/Specialist or primary health worker
  • Conduct a physical assessment of client to ensure all health needs are addressed
  • Consult and coordinate any visiting 'in home service' ie, personal care, shopping, housekeeping,
  • Ensure adequate nutritional meals are provided
  • Arrange for allied services as needed – physiotherapy, occupational therapy,
  • Review medication administration system as required (in consultation with Pharmacist)
  • Provide appropriate documentation records
  • Liaise and communicate with nominated/appropriate family members
  • Arrange for appointments and attendance to health specialists
  • Provide transport and escort to appointments/hospice

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