Medical Appointments

Attending appointments can be very stressful. Getting there’s only half the battle. Grasping jargon and asking the right questions can also be difficult. As can recalling and relating information accurately to the satisfaction of carers and loved ones.

Many people like to be independent – using trusted support only when needed. If no friends or family members are available to help with an appointment, Call on Clare is there.

We provide confidence and peace of mind at single and ongoing appointments. Our service is as comprehensive as necessary and can see us:

  • Gather all required paperwork for the appointment.
  • Help the patient get ready.
  • Drive to and from the appointment (on time and in comfort).
  • Help the patient from the car/taxi to the appointment.
  • Attend the appointment, discuss medical issues and translate jargon into simple language.
  • Organise necessary follow-ups with other professionals.
  • Communicate test, x-ray and other results to relevant people.
  • Take, scan and send notes to loved ones and care/residential staff (and keep a file copy).
  • Organise hospital stays (e.g. pack a bag, contact relevant people, organise pets, cancel deliveries, secure the home).
  • Visit the patient in hospital.
  • Attend to errands and requests.

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