Palliative Care

Specialised In-Home Palliative Care Nursing

  • Do you know of a patient who needs some extra support at home?
  • Someone who would benefit from a carer collecting and accompanying them to their doctors' appointments? A nurse to take notes, advocate, and take the time afterwards to explain what it all means? Who could liaise (with the patients permission) with family and carers, passing on vital information.
  • A patient who would benefit from transportation, help and companionship during day procedures, Chemotherapy treatment or dialysis?
  • Someone who needs increasing support to stay at home, or is socially isolated?
  • A family who are exhausted meeting the care needs of a loved one, but promised they'd keep them at home

As Community Palliative Care Nurses (over 30 yrs combined experience) we often saw the aforementioned needs, felt the frustration of having to move patients for end of life care from their homes or residential care facilities, or recognised the loneliness and social isolation of patients but were unable to spend enough time with them.

Due to an increasing number of referrals from Community Palliative Care Services, Clare, from Call on Clare (a private nursing agency), decided to set up a Palliative Care Nursing Team to cater for these needs, and provide 24 hour care. To do this she employed two Specialist Palliative Care Nurses (with over 30 yrs combined experience in community Palliative Care, one with a Grad Dip, Masters and lecturing experience in the area) to oversee the care coordination, set up the documentation, equipment, staff education and case reviews.

The team consist of Division 1 and retired Division 1 nurses (who work as carers) who must participate in the Palliative Care education sessions, are dedicated to providing individually tailored care, ensuring the highest level of support to patients and family based on respect, dignity and quality of life. The selection criteria are rigorous, with Clare interviewing each nurse in their home, and every referee in person to ensure the best quality of staff.

Working in conjunction with the Community Palliative Care Teams and other health care professionals we offer clients and families the support they need to ensure they get the best standard of care.

Call on Clare offers a variety of in home needs specialising in patient transport, attending medical appointments, support through Day Surgery and treatments, Post-Operative Care and case management. Now we offer a Palliative Care nursing service (24 hr availability) which provides a holistic approach, preserving dignity and choice, and ensuring the highest quality care.

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