We provide a comprehensive post-operative care service which ensures our clients' transition from hospital to home is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

In Addition to providing safe transport to home, our staff pack their bags; check that all personal belongings are collected from drawers and cupboards and liaise with nursing staff to guarantee that any scheduled post-operative procedures required before discharge are met i.e Specialist appointments; requested X-rays or blood tests or the collection of any medications or dressings ordered from the hospital pharmacy.

Once our client is safely home, our staff attend to the unpacking and washing of clothes used during their hospital stay; check that there is adequate food in the fridge for the next few days; do any additional shopping for medical, pharmaceutical or dietary supplies necessary. An evening meal can also be prepared if needed.

Call on Clare staff leave when they know that the client has all their needs attended to and are safe and can cope on their own.

Our service post surgery is not limited to a specific time we can stay for whatever period is needed, this may be 3 hours, 3 days, 3 months or for a few hours each day, what ever your needs we are happy to assist.

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