Age and illness are hard enough. Why make things worse with dreary clothes that sacrifice style for utility?

A bad time is no time to dress poorly. In fact, it’s the best time to take special care.
People who look good feel good. When life is low on quality, positives and choice, an optimised wardrobe can boost confidence and self esteem.

Our clothing expert is a professional Image Consultant with a nursing background. This twofold expertise means we:

1. Understand the needs of people who are arthritic, disabled or chronically ill.
2. Know what complements their style, colouring and body shape.

In short, we offer the best of both worlds.

Having professionally sourced clothes makes you look amazing, feel good about yourself and start each day with a positive attitude.

If a wardrobe needs to be organised, upgraded or downsized, we can do a comprehensive audit that sees us:

  • Identify needs.
  • Sort and assess current items.
  • Identify good combinations.
  • Recommend new pieces (without pressure to buy unnecessary items).
  • Shop with (or for) the wearer (thus eliminating retailers’ ‘hard sell’).
  • Update or source clothes for a special occasion.
  • Arrange alterations and labels.

Our clients include people with wheelchairs and walking aids. If someone isn’t mobile, we can take a detailed brief and arrange purchases in line with needs, wear and care.

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