Call on Clare is a private provider of in-home care and support services in Melbourne.

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Live a fulfilling social life for a healthy body and mind

We help make staying active and connected with your friends and community easy. We can provide safe transport to any kind of social outing, any time.

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Healthy relationships and regular social interactions help keep people mentally, physically and emotionally fit. They also help alleviate negative feelings of isolation and make our lives feel more meaningful.

Maintaining an active social life often falls to the bottom of our list of priorities for many reasons, including obstacles such as mobility or health problems, or less availability of family members to assist with getting out and about. Our transport with care service makes living a rewarding social life possible for everyone.

We combine safe transport with experienced support staff in order to mitigate any obstacles that can get it in the way of getting out and about.

Our staff know how to attend to special needs, administer medication, and assist with mobility aids.

Here are just a few of the many occasions we can help you enjoy:

  • Catching up with friends
  • Shopping trips
  • Visiting the local community centre
  • Joining a hobby club or volunteering in the community
  • Special events such as weddings or birthday parties
  • Day trip to the beach

Our services are available for regular outings and day trips, as well as longer journeys and holidays.

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Call on Clare can make it easy for you to attend an upcoming social event, prepare for it, look your best and feel relaxed.