Call on Clare is a private provider of in-home care and support services in Melbourne.

carer helping elderly woman from wheel chair into car

If no friends or family members are available to help with an appointment, Call on Clare is there.

We are dedicated to providing transport with care service that is individualised and exemplary in every way. Whether you are an independent client a family member / carer, hospital, surgery or facility Call on Clare is available to you now.

Enquire on 03 9001 9762

We provide transport with care to make your daily life easier.

We can:

  • Accompany you to medical appointments
  • Support you through day surgery and bring you home safely
  • Escort you to special events, and help you get ready beforehand
  • Assist you with shopping for groceries and clothing

For the safety and comfort of yourself and of our nurses, if you cannot bear your own weight we will accompany you in a maxi taxi or non-urgent ambulance.

Medical Appointments

Attending appointments can be very stressful. Getting there is only half the battle. Grappling with jargon and asking the right questions can also be difficult. As can recalling and relating information accurately to the satisfaction of carers and loved ones.

Many people like to be independent – using trusted support only when needed.
If no friends or family members are available to help with an appointment, Call on Clare is there.

We provide confidence and peace of mind at single and ongoing appointments.

Our service is as comprehensive as necessary and can see us:

  • Gather all required paperwork for the appointment
  • Help the patient get ready
  • Drive to and from the appointment (on time and in comfort)
  • Help the patient from the car to the appointment
  • Attend the appointment, discuss medical issues and translate jargon into simple language
  • Organise necessary follow-ups with other professionals
  • Communicate results to relevant people
  • Take, scan and send notes to loved ones and care/residential staff (and keep a file copy)
  • Organise hospital stays (e.g. pack a bag, contact relevant people, secure the home)
  • Visit the patient in hospital
  • Attend to errands and requests

Day Procedures

Day procedures and surgery can be more difficult than they seem. Did you know, for instance, that:

• Admission can take up to three hours.
• A general anaesthetic means you can’t drive for 24 hours or be picked up by taxi: someone must collect and stay with you.

All surgery is painful and can affect normal functioning. Health and safety depend on appropriate, timely help.

To remove stress and risk, Call on Clare provides full pre- and post-surgery support.

We can help prepare patients for admission and organise their bag, medication and paperwork. Our nurses know where to go, who to talk to, and how to fill forms.

They stay with a patient until admission is complete and hospital staff take over.

Call on Clare is ready to help. Talk to us today 03 9001 9762

Post Operative Care

In addition to providing safe transport home, we can also help you prepare for leaving hospital.

Our staff will:

  • Collect your personal belongings and pack your bag(s)
  • Pick up any aids or equipment you need for recovery, and collect any medications ordered from the hospital pharmacy
  • Check if there are any follow-up appointments or post-operative procedures.

Once you are safely back at home, our staff will help you settle in and assist you with any household chores or errands.

If needed, our staff can:

  • Unpack your hospital bag and launder any worn clothing
  • Ensure your fridge is well stocked for the next few days
  • Shop on your behalf for any medical, pharmaceutical or dietary supplies
  • Prepare an evening meal.

Our experienced staff will support you in your home for as long as you need. For as little as two hours to 24 hours, or more! How we help is up to you. You can decide how little or how much support you require as it changes over time.